Norra Dalmatien

Regionen Norra Dalmatien sträcker sig från Kvarner Riviera ner till ca Split. Ibland förbises som en semestermål till förmån för de mer berömda orterna och öarna längs kusten, har norra Dalmatien mycket att erbjuda besökare.


Städer i Norra Dalmatien:


Om Norra Dalmatien

Regionen Norra Dalmatien sträcker sig från Kvarner rivieran ner till ca Split. Ibland förbises som semestermål till förmån för de mer berömda orterna och öar ytterligare längs kusten, har norra dalmatiska regionen mycket att erbjuda besökare. Området innehåller vackra kuststäderna Zadar och Trogir, som båda som är fina att basera dig i. Pag ön är också i denna del av Kroatien – den längsta kroatiska ön, är det hem till den livliga part turistorten Novalja.



The Sibenik islands, with their picturesque coves, pristine blue sea and fragrant Mediterranean vegetation, attract visitors desiring relaxation in the solitude and quiet of undefiled nature.

The Islands of Kornati

Kornati, a family of a hundred islands and crags, has an inexpressible beauty that vibrates with primordial power. The spare majesty of the islands and the turquoise blue sea make Kornati a place of calm and peace

Centuries of work by local laborers, stockbreeders and fishermen from the island of Murter are evident in the regular stonewalls, rare parcels of fertile soil and modest stone villages. Protected as a national park, Kornati is a stone oasis in which seekers of the beauties of wild landscapes find beneficial solitude and an authentic Mediterranean ambient.

The Island of Murter

The Island of Murter, Pliny`s Colentum and formerly a pirates` nest, is the result of callused hands and beneficent nature. Cultivated glades and elegant belfries, fertile olive groves, votive chapels, sandy coves and four picturesque settlements characterize it. In the old shipyards, master craftsmen preserve the ancient art of building one-masted fishing boats and the old songs of mastersingers blend harmoniously with the exciting rhythms of today.

In the deep bay across from the island of Murter is situated Pirovac, known for its numerous coves and exquisite beaches. Tourist’s towns are: Tisno, Betina, Murter and Jezera.

The Island of Krapanj

Krapanj, the inhabited island in the Adriatic with the lowest altitude, has been a center of sponge cultivation for centuries. The rich history of this arduous trade is presented in the small museum collection in the Franciscan monastery that also has a valuable art collection and library.