How much luggage can I bring on the boat?..

Keep in mind that the space in the cabins is limited and that there are no other storage spaces on board. Avoid hard suitcases, a sports bag or soft backpack is preferable. We recommend that the luggage consists mainly of shorts, t-shirts and swimwear. Evenings can be a bit cooler and some long-sleeved sweaters and pants will be needed. Wind jackets are also good for windy days. Some boats have towels, but it’s always advisable to bring your own. Bed linen is available on the boats.

What is the difference between cabins on deck and cabins under deck?

When booking your cruise you can choose a cabin on deck or under deck. The advantage of cabins located on deck is that in most cases they have direct access to the sea and more fresh air, while the cabins under the deck are usually quieter and cooler. Cabins under the deck are at least partly over the waterline and usually have small valve windows. By main deck is meant the deck where boarding takes place. All cabins with windows located at the level of or above the main deck are considered ”on deck”.

Will it be hot in the cabins?

All boat categories have air conditioning in cabins except for Traditional category where only salon is air-conditioned.

Air conditioning only works when the boat’s engine or generator is running, or when the boat is connected to the mains in port. In some ports, the electricity grid may be too weak to meet several boats’ electricity requirements for air conditioning at the same time. In these rare cases, the boat’s own generator is connected and drives all electricity and AC. If this is perceived as noisy at night by travelers, this can be turned off. As the nights are usually cooler, the heat is not as uncomfortable as during daytime without AC.

I'm a wheelchair user or have another disability, can I still participate?

The boats are not handicapped accessible and you need to be able to walk around the boat without assistance. There are many narrow spaces and stairs that can be experienced as steep. A rain shower or morning dew can make some surfaces slippery and in some ports, boarding and disembarking can take place over several boats in width.

I am pregnant, can I participate?

Generally, we do not recommend pregnant women to go on an archipelago cruise, but of course it is up to the mother to decide. The reason is that it may take a few hours to get medical help if it should be needed, if the ship is out at sea or if you are in a port on a small island without a hospital.

Can children go on a cruise?

Yes, but the archipelago cruise is not adapted for children. There are neither activities nor diet that is child-friendly and on the boats there are, for example, steep stairs. For this reason, we recommend that they are at least of school age and that they are good swimmers. The responsibility for children’s supervision rests entirely on the parents.

Are guides on board available?

All categories except for Traditional and Traditional Ensuite have an English speaking Tour Manager onboard. Guided tours, city walks and other possible excursions are done with local guides.

Is it alowed to sleep on the deck?

Yes, absolutely, but bring your own sleeping mat and sleeping bag. It is not allowed to use mattresses and/or bedding from the cabins.

What do meals / breakfasts look like?

The journey begins with lunch and ends with breakfast on the day of departure. For breakfast there is coffee, tea, milk, juice, cereals, bread, butter, honey, jam and toppings such as cheese and ham or salami. There are also yogurt, eggs, bacon, tomato and cucumber. Lunches and possible dinners consist of soup or pasta as an appetizer. Fish, chicken or meat with accessories and salad/fruit and dessert are served as a main dish.

The chef usually does not have the opportunity to prepare special food but notify us when booking for allergies or other requests. All wishes cannot be guaranteed but the crew does everything they can to meet your needs. Vegetarian diet requests can be met in part, but only on request. In that case, it consists of a larger range of accessories, not alternative dishes or menus.

What to pack?

This is a relaxed cruise. Feel free to bring comfortable promenade shoes and water shoes – as it is mostly pebble beaches. Appliqué clothes, sandals, sun protection, sunglasses, a hat and swimwear. The temperature in July and August is usually around 28°C, but also bring clothes for a little cooler evenings. Fishing gear, snorkels and the like cannot be bought on the boat, so we recommend that you bring your own or buy it in places where the boat stops. If you do not want to bring your own beach towels, you can rent for 5 euros per week/towel. You can also buy beach towels on arrival for 10 euros each.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

No, drinks are on sale on board. The exception is personal care products, medicine and food products for special diet. The prices of food and drink are approximately at the same levels as cafes, bars and restaurants on land.

Does the crew members speak English?

Most crew members speak English, and communication is usually not a problem. Depending on the size, the boat has about five crew members who usually consist of captain, chef, waiter and sailors.

What fees and expenses should I count on?

On the last day of the trip, a harbor fee of about 40 € per person is paid. Entrance fees on national parks as well as drinks and dinners are added. Tips to the staff, recommended amount about 30-50 €. Payment can only be made in cash and in the local currency Kuna or in Euro, card payment is not accepted. ATM and exchange offices are located in most ports.

When is my check-in time?

You can check in from 11:00, departure is at 13:00. It is possible to leave the luggage on the boat, but the cabin will be ready by 12.30 (at least 30 minutes before departure).


Pets are not allowed on board.

Electricity and water

All vessels have water and electricity, but not in unlimited quantities. All vessels are equipped with generators that provide 220V, but they are not continuously in operation. The water tank is adapted to the number of cabins on board so there is always enough water for everyone, even if the tank is not replenished every day. This assumes that all travelers use electricity and water rationally.

Night rest

From 00:00 you should think about the noise level. Of course, this is not a fixed rule and it depends a lot on the company on board. The sound insulation is not so good depending on the boat’s design therefore we urge travelers to show respect for each other, and for our boat neighbours when the boat is in port.

The Captain's dinner

Once during the week, the ”captain’s dinner”, which usually consists of a fishmeal, is organized, which is a good opportunity for the guests and the crew to gather together for a festive meal. Optionally, you can bring some finer clothes for this special evening.


The captain has the right to change plans in case of unforeseen events, bad weather or adverse conditions in the ports to ensure safety on board. Regardless of this, the captain tries to visit all planned destinations, but perhaps in a different order than the one intended. Only in extremely bad weather is it possible that certain destinations are excluded and, if so, only in those ports that do not have sufficient shelter for overnight accommodation. It may also happen that docking takes place at different times than those stated in the travel program because of limited space in the ports.


Passengers on board are obliged to comply with the ship’s rules and the captain is responsible for the safety on board the boat. Guests are required to respect the times stated, eg for boarding and disembarking as well as meals. If the traveler causes damage, they may be liable to compensation. Any compensation is made to the captain, for example, a loss of cabin key with 150 Kuna is charged. (subject to change) It is self-evident that garbage, debris and other waste are not thrown overboard or flushed into the toilets. All boats have adequate waste management and let us together ensure that the crystal clear Adriatic continues to be just that.